Handbook_1_&_2We recently published our second edition of The Data Analytics Handbook which focuses on interviews with CEOs and Managers in the Data Science/Big Data Industry. We found the insight from these interviewees to be invaluable in understanding both the job market and the future of the Data Science industry. As a CEO you become a de-facto expert of your industry and many of these interviews showcase that expertise.

The list of interviewees is:

Mike Olson, CEO of Cloudera

Rohan Deuskar, CEO of Stylitics

Derek Steer, CEO of Mode Analytics

Greg Lamp, CTO of Y-Hat

Dean Abbott, CTO of Smarter Remarketer Inc.

Mary Gordon, Director of Analytics, Flurry

Dave Gerster, VP of Data Science, BigML

Tom Wheeler, Director of Education, Cloudera

Ali Syed, CEO of Persontyle

You can also checkout the website and download the handbook here: www.analyticshandbook.com

Be on the lookout for our third and final edition! The Data Analytics Handbook: Academia and Researchers edition with interviews from Hal Varian, Peter Norvig, and more!